Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Diva Challenge 107 - Quandary / Zendala Dare 45

This time I did it without making a mistake - I used this week's Zendala template (Bright Owl) for the Diva's Challenge - one for two. I posted the last Diva Challenge late in the week. If you missed it and would like to see it go to Snake.

The Diva's challenge (see Quandary) was to use the new tangle "Quandary" in a tile. I had to practise this one quite a bit before I felt confident to use it for real. But by the time I finished drawing this zendala it was flowing effortlessly off my pen. The zendala darers will notice that I erased some lines to make larger areas for my tangles. I had fun colouring this one getting the yellow to shade to red.

Tangles used: Quandary; Verve; Nightsbridge (variation) and Emilie.

Update: I have just finished looking at the posts for Quandary prior to mine. I am amazed at the number of variations that have been created. I had enough to do to get the basic drawing right. But next time I use Quandary I will try for more than just basic.


  1. Anonymous2/19/2013

    Very nice. You really have quandary down.

  2. Beautiful. I love what you did with the yellow tangle. Has great depth. Smart to use the Quadary tangle in the center and in the little spaces at the outside. Looks great.

  3. Beautiful! Your Quandary is perfect.

  4. Gorgeous drawing and colours, and a great idea to do both challenges at the same time!

  5. This one is so stunning...a dare, and a challenge, and a beautiful result!

  6. This is quite spectacular and cheerful. Nice!